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Curriculum Overview

At Rawdatul Ilm Academy, we strive towards giving our students the best academic and Islamic learning in a safe and nurturing Masjid environment.

We follow the Ohio’s Learning Standards in our academic subjects in the following subjects:

  • English language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Health and Safety
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies


Our QAIS (Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies) curriculum is approved by our certified scholars and is selected from high-quality and authentic publishers. We currently offer:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Quran
  • Arabic
  • Quranic Arabic

Along with daily and monthly enrichment programs, we provide a whole-child approach to learning.

  • Morning Hifdh Program
  • Athletics Program
  • Barakah morning assembly
  • Monthly Tarbiyah program